How to deal with the theoretical conflicts on wiring ?

1). Basically, it is correct to divide the modulus / division. It is important to note that the signal trace should not cross the moat, and do not let the return current path of the power supply and signal become too large.2). The crystal is a simulated positive feedback oscillator circuit with a stable oscillation signal that must meet the specifications of the loop gain and phase, and the oscillation specification of the analog signal is susceptible to interference, even if the ground guard tr...

Wiring EMI

How to avoid high frequency interference?

The basic idea to avoid high-frequency interference is to minimize the interference of the high-frequency signal electromagnetic field, that is, the so-called Crosstalk. You can increase the distance between the high-speed signal and the analog signal, or add ground guard / shunt traces next to the analog signal to avoid high-frequency interference. Also, don't foget to pay attention to the digital ground to the analog ground noise interference.A multi-layer printed circuit board is construc...

High frequency interference

How to choose the material of PCB ?

The choice of PCB material must meet the design requirements, the quality of production and cost need to achieve a balance. The design requirements include electrical and institutional parts. This material problem is usually important when designing very high speed PCB boards (frequencies greater than GHz). For example, the commonly used FR-4 material may not be used when dielectric loss at several GHz frequencies, which can have a significant effect on signal attenuation . In the case of electr...

Material PCB

3 STEPS to determine / calculate number of PCB layers

STEP 1: Choose initial number of layers1 or 2 Layer PCBs – Home prototypingUse 1 or 2 Layer PCB only for very simple boards, breakouts or for some circuits which you are making at home. Don’t use 1 or 2 layer PCBs for interfaces with controlled impedance (USB, Ethernet, LVDS, …). In this case, use at least 4 layer PCB.4 Layer PCB – Simple or cheap boards & breakoutsIf possible, always use at least 4 layer PCB. There is not much difference in cost between 2 and 4 layer PCBs, but 4 layer PCB i...

PCB layers PCB design

Free to get 2 channel Relay Module

After survey we found that so many of our clients are electronic enthusiasts. They are interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, microcontroller or others.In order to support them to make more interesting projects, we deliberately produce some modules as gifts for engineers.This time the gift module is “2 channel Relay Module”. Each time we will choose 2-4 lucky engineers.How to get it?( you can choose any one )1.@ our official Facebook account that you want to be the lucky engineer to get the relay ...

Relay Module activity module

Holiday Notice - Dragon Boat Festival

Dear all friends,As the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, PCBWay will have 3 days' holidays from May 27th to May 29th. Please schedule your orders earlier and take about 2days' delay delivery into consideration. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and wish you a happy holiday!

Notice Holiday

Enjoy More Deals on Our Moblie Website

We always love providing the easiest way of PCB prototyping and manufacturing service, and know mobile phones are closer to you than computers. That could be the key of how to manage orders at anytime and anywhere. Now you can try it with our mobile web page.PCB Instant Online QuoteIt is one of the main features of our service,so we surely keep it on your mobile page. Then you can freely get the instant price of your products, such as PCB , PCB Assembly, Stencil, Flexible PCB and etc.Super Deals...

mobile upgrade website

New Shipping Method - HK DHL

In order to meet the needs of more customers on the mail, we make our effort to find more shipping ways cooperating with more carrior companies. Once upon a time, we mainly have 2 ways of shipping - DHL and HK post, which fit different person's needs.As you already know, DHL is a fast shipping way but it is a little expensive ( even many times as the PCB cost ). So sometimes you have to choose HK post to save the budget. However, you are soon tied of the low speed of it.Then we offer a compr...

Shipping Delivery HK DHL

The Upgraded Files-auditing Mechanism Released

In the past few years, we have been committing ourselves to offer the easiest way of ordering PCB or other related products online. So you could find our online quote system using from PCB prototyping service to PCBA and FPC manufacturing service. But automatic quotes for the system must have occasional unavoidable errors, which will make the price change. For example, the size of the boards you provide is not the same as the actual size measured from our engineer. Or your PCBs have smaller dril...

upgrade backyard

New PCBWay Sponsorship - Offer you the best support for your cool projects !

Now as you can see from our new community, we re-planned the site layout, especially the sections of sponsorship and feedback.On the new Sponsorship page, we relaxed the limit of supporting apply. It means that no matter who you are and what do you do, you can definitely get a sponsor from PCBWay, only if you are confident enough to think that you are going to make a COOL project. Of course, this cool project should be made based on PCB so that we can be here to help. The progress of applying a ...

Sponsorship student engineer support coupon

Holiday Notice - International Labors' Day

Dear all friends,As the International Labors' Day is coming, PCBWay will have two days' holidays from April 30th to May 1st. Please schedule your orders earlier and take about 2days' delay delivery into consideration. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and wish you a happy holiday!

Holiday Notice

Generate gerber file from Altium

Step1: The work before generate the Gerber file Before generate Gerber file, you need to set criteria, but for most of PCB designers, these are not necessarily. The following is a brief explanation of these settings, You can also ignore these setting when generate Gerber file. 1. The settings of PCB shape and size, generally are mechanic1,2 layers.2. Before generate the Gerber file, the preprocessed of PCB file.The preprocessed include:a. Add break away rails of PCBb. Add stamp hole.c. Add the m...

gerber file pcb design altium pcb software

How to generate Gerber files from Eagle

Generally it doesn't work to use the Eagle files for PCB manufacturing , so the situation will be better if you can send the Gerber files directly to a PCB fab. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to export Gerber files from your eagle .brd file, then you can upload it to PCBWay online system for fabrication.*Here is a page where you can easily convert your Eagle.brd file to Gerber files automatically within seconds. Feel free to try it before taking time to use the following tuto...

Eagle PCB Gerber Design

Free PCB

In this section, you’ll find a kind of PCB based on an open source project. Every Monday we would ship it out FREE for some lucky electronic enthusiasts . This week, we would like to share to project named “ Easy/Newbie PCB for MySensors ”, which you can find details at Let’s start from the following steps to get the FreePCB: 1.Follow us on Twitter. Every Monday we give out 4 pcs FreePCB to 2 random Retwitters . 2.Dislike Twitter ? Like us on Facebook and leave a comment. Als...

FreePCB OpenSource


The movement of the head of a component placement machine in the vertical place for parts orientation and insertion.


The ratio of usable parts at the end of a manufacturing process to the number of components submitted for processing.


Capillary absorption of liquid along the fibres of the base material.


A needle-shaped metallic growth on a printed circuit board.


The formation of a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder to a base material.

Weave Exposure

A condition of base material in which a weave pattern of glass cloth is appearing on the surface though the unbroken fibres of the woven cloth are completely covered with resin.

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