Anti-interference Technology in PCB Design

Introduction:With the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, electronic products are on the increase, the kinds of content is becoming more and more complex, the structure of electronic products and equipment has also been gradually optimized, PCB design also gradually show the characteristics of multi-level and high density, PCB design in all aspects of the interference problem also gradually attention and arouse people's gaze. The EMC (electromagnetic compat...

Some Points of PCB Design (1)

Introduction:Electronic products fill our work and life. The reasonable design of printed circuit board will directly affect the efficiency of electronic products. Whether the design of grounding, the electromagnetic compatibility, size of PCB board and the heat dissipation can meet the requirements of production and use is the focus of PCB design.The Key Points of PCB Design:Whether PCB design has good manufacturability is an important standard to measure PCB design. If you want to do this well...

PI and PDN in High-Speed and High-Density PCBs

Introduction:One of the signs of the development of digital IC technology is that the feature size of transistors becomes smaller and smaller. With the continuous progress of very deep submicrometer technology, the integration degree of digital IC is getting higher and higher, the speed is getting faster and faster, the power consumption is getting larger and larger, and the core power supply voltage is getting lower and lower. This trend will continue for quite some time.PI (Power Integrity) an...

Design of Rectangular Sheet Type Component Solder Pad

Abstract:Thought the design software has been very advanced and convenient, and has been improving fast, it can’t satisfy all the designer, especially no solder pad library responding to all kinds of SMC or SMD. So analyze the influences of PCB solder pad on the reliability of PCA, and according to the relative quality requirements, give some simple design methods.Solder Pad Design:1. Rectangular Sheet Type Component Solder Pad:The inspection of welding quality of rectangular components, whet...

PCB Layout and The requirements of The Drawing of Pads

Introduction:In SMT production process, the layout of PCB and the pattern of component solder pad are very important to production efficiency and product quality. Through long-term practice, it is found that good layout and welding panel graphics can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. Principles of Component Arrangement:The component arrangement at design time should conform to and follow the following principles.a) Principle of uniform heat distribution of welding. ...

PCB Layout PCB Design

The Purpose of PCB Design

Introduction:The purpose of any design is to be able to manufacture successfully and effectively. The design is ineffective if it is divorced from the purpose. PCB design is also for better achieve and improve the speed, cost and quality of manufacturing.1. Design of Edge span style="color:#333333;background:white">Positioning Hole:In order to realize production, PCB panel design and layout must be done well. The edges, on both sides of the PCB board, must be not reserved less than 5 mm, and ...

PCB Design

High Frequency PCB Layout Techniques

Introduction:The components are developing towards high speed, low consumption, small volume and high anti-interference. PCB design is an important stage of electronic product design. It can realize the connection and function between electronic components, and is also an important part of power circuit design. High frequency circuit has the higher integration and the higher layout density, so it is very vital how to make layout more reasonable and more scientific.PCB can realize the connection ...

How to Design a PCB Panel for Less Money?

Introduction:PCB panel is a combination of several PCB unit boards with various possible connection modes, as shown in the figures below.Typical, when a hardware designer a PCB, he considers the electrical signal and the layout of the components on the circuit board, focusing on the function of the product. Less consideration is given to PCB manufacturing and assembly. To make PCB production smooth, especially for SMT assembly, special attention should be paid to PCB assembly design.I. Pur...


Problems Encountered in PCB Design and Their Solutions

Brief Introduction:The improvement of hardware of electronic products often takes a long time, and the major problem is often the focus of solution. But it's the small, trivial issues that ultimately get in our way. This article is aimed at PCB board design, production and some problems encountered in maintenance, such as the voltage resistance of diode, electromagnetic interference, the shedding of welding pads and the replacement of vulnerable parts, etc. Under the principle of minimizing ...

PCB Design rectifier diode 1. Voltage - resistant protection electromagnetic interference pads

ESD Inhibition Criteria in PCB Design

Introduction:Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. A buildup of static electricity can be caused by tribocharging or by electrostatic induction. The ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are brought close together or when the dielectric between them breaks down, often creating a visible spark. ESD can create spectacular electric sparks (lightning, with the acc...

ESD PCB design Electrostatic discharge Charge Injection

The depth and width of the v-cuts/grooves

Typically the depth of the v-cut is 3/4 of the thickness of the board. So if you want to do v-cuts we recommend the center of the v-cut line to any traces. Please bear this in mind when designing your panels.V-Cut machine

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