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Прототип PCB быстро и легко

Многофункциональный сервис по изготовлению печатных плат.

Vias process of design is different from order details option

Reasons of failed review:

Vias process of design is different from order details option.If the file is Altium file, design is uncovered shown as below but you choose tenting vias online, then we are unsure which one should we follow, so need your confirmation in case of any mistake about this.



A. If the file format is Altium file, screen shot shown as below is design of uncovered vias, then please choose uncovered vias process online. Supposing that you are unsure about the design, you can just add special remark when you create order online that “ Tenting vias process or Uncovered vias process” Then our engineer will know how to update this online.

B. If the file format is Gerber, then we will just go ahead with Gerber file even you choose tenting vias but Gerber file is Uncovered. So please make sure your design is correct.


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