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Do I have to pay for customs and import taxes?

When ordering from PCBWay.com, you're responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination.

You may be charged customs duties and taxes for something you bought on PCBWay because:

  -Duties and taxes are typically not included in the price of the item, and might not be included in the overall shipping costs you pay to us. 

  -When shopping on pcbway, you are buying from overseas. That’s why sometimes you will be asked to pay customs duty. 

The taxes may depend on where your order was sent from, the type of items you bought, their value and the weight of the package. Different countries may have different tax policies regarding specific products. It’s always best to confirm this with  your local customs authority.

You are responsible to clear VAT on all purchases made on PCBWay. This can be done through the VAT clearance procedure of your local customs authority in your country of residence.

Please note: Customs duties and taxes are never paid for by PCBWay.

To avoid any unforeseen surprises, please pay attention to the following:

- Contact your local post or customs office to find out more about your country’s customs duties and taxes.

- Import duties, taxes or other customs-related charges are normally collected by shipping companies upon delivery. 

- We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs office in your country.

- Additional costs or delays may occur during international trade.

- if we offer domestic delivery(future), meaning that they will send your order from a warehouse in your country. In this case you won’t be asked to pay any additional customs duties and taxes.

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