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Notes for Gerber files Generated from Eagle 9.20

Summary:       Avoid mistakes when generating Gerber file from Eagle 9.20

Several days ago, Eagle released the lastest version 9.20, which still provide the convenient button for generating Gerber files. But what followed was some file problems.

1.When opening Eagle.brd file and clicking the "CAM processor", you need be aware of the option of soldermask layers. 


Please cancel checking the "Nagative Polarity" which  is checked by default, shown as below screenshot:


2.If there is no board outline in the profile layer, please check and add the #Dimension and #Milling into the Profile layer, shown as below:


Then you can choose the Gerber RS-247X or RS -247X with comments and click "Process Job" to get the Gerber files.

3. For multi-layer (more than 4 layers) PCB, if there are buried/blind vias in your boards,  then you need to generate all the drill files by right clicking "Drill -->Excellon" and choose "Geberate Excellon outouts based on PCB stackup"


Then you can "Process Job" and get all the drill files needed.

You can also download our CAM file to export Gerber files directly in Eagle software and avoid any problem :

PCBWay_2 layer.cam

PCBWay_4 layer.cam

PCBWay_6 layer.cam


Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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