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Build Time: 4-6 Days
Standard white material(UTR 9000E) photosensitive resin
Material type: Plastic, High-detail
UTR 9000E photosensitive resin is a kind of ABS-like photosensitive resin with high dimensional accuracy and durability. It is suitable for the production of popular products, with low overall shrinkage rate and excellent detail performance. The parts can be used for a long time.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
The shrinkage rate is small, the product size accuracy is excellent; the surface is fine and the resolution is high; the durability of the parts is good.
Material shortcomings
Average strength and toughness.
Recommended description
The surface of the part is delicate, the dimensional stability is high, and the durability is good. It is widely used to make various functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, etc.
Heat distortion temperature (HDT@0.455 MPa) (ASTM Method D648) 39~52℃
Shore hardness (ASTM Method D2240) 76~88D
Tensile strength (ASTM Method D638) 47.2MPa
Tensile modulus (ASTM Method D638) 2589~2695MPa
Bending strength (ASTM Method D790) 69~74MPa
Flexural modulus (ASTM Method D790) 2692~2775MPa
Elongation at break (ASTM Method D638) 12~20%
Poisson's ratio (ASTM Method D638) 0.4~0.44
Notched impact strength (ASTM Method D256) 35~55J/m
* When the material is placed under normal air temperature, the parts will gradually turn yellow and deform over time, especially when exposed to the sun to accelerate the process. It is recommended that you prevent storage in a cool, backlit place. The toughness and strength of the parts are general. If there are higher requirements for strength, toughness, and temperature resistance, the corresponding high-performance resin or nylon materials can be used.
Common applications
• Excellent master models in industrial fields such as consumer electronics and automobiles
production of general parts and functional parts
• Home appliance structure verification and appearance verification.
• Mechanical and electrical equipment structure and appearance verification.
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