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Многофункциональный сервис по изготовлению печатных плат.

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Build Time: 10-12 Days
Aluminum 6061
Material type: Metal
6061 is an alloy that is suitable for hot forging. The billet is heated through an induction furnace and forged using a closed die process. This particular alloy is suitable for open die forgings.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Silver white
Material advantages
6061 is an alloy used in the production of extrusions—long constant–cross-section structural shapes produced by pushing metal through a shaped die.
Material shortcomings
6061 is not an alloy that is traditionally cast due to its low silicon content affecting the fluidity in casting.
Recommended description
It has good mechanical properties, exhibits good weldability, and is very commonly extruded (second in popularity only to 6063). It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use.
Tensile strength 310 MPa
Yield strength 276 MPa
Shear strength 207 MPa
Fatigue strength 96.5 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 68.9 GPa
Shear modulus 26 GPa
Linear thermal expansion coefficient 23.6μm/m·k
Density 2.73 g/cm3
Melting temperature 580-650 °C
Common applications
• Yacht construction, including small utility boats.
• Automotive parts
• Aluminum cans for the packaging of food and beverages.
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