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Impedance Control


As circuit design becomes increasingly complex and high-speed, how to ensure the integrity of various signals (especially high-speed signals), that is, to ensure signal quality, has becomes a problem.

At this point, will take advantage of transmission line theory to analyze. Control signal characteristic impedance matchingbecomes the key point.Non-strict impedance control will cause considerable signal reflections and signal distortions, leading to design failures.

 Common signals such as PCI bus, PCI-E bus, USB, Ethernet, DDR memory, LVDS signals, etc., all require impedance control. Impedance control ultimately needs to be realized through PCB design, and higher requirements for PCB board technology.

To make sure the quality of signal in complex design, we need to control the resistance and reactance of an electrical circuit.

Such as single-ended impedance 50 ohm ±10% differential impedance  100ohm ±10%.

The impedance of a PCB is largely determined by the following parameters: 

Distance of signal layer and potential

Conductor geometry


Copper thickness

Permittivity εr

If your pcb need impedance control, please make a note and our engineer will pay attention to it when check your file.

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