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PCB Milling

Minimum mill tool diameter is 0.8mm,the standard diameter is 2.0mm,the special diameter is >=0.8mm<2.0mm



The inner and outer contour of the board milled as per customers specification.


The outer of contour could be 90°or round according to customers specification but the inner corner of the profile has at least the radius of the milling cutter

Generally, the corner of the rectangle are round, in order to maintain a precise rectangular section, the corresponding milled part should also be drilled at the corners


PCB breakaway and outline are normally milled. Whereas, there are some rules:

1.      Generally, it is no extra charge for milling

2.      It is necessary to avoid copper(durability of the circuit board, risk of injury).

3.      In order to prevent the problem of the measurement and dimension, the inner and outer outline of the board should be indicated with a line width of 1μm

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