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SMT Assembly Capabilities

SMT Assembly -- Components are mounted by placing them directly onto the PCB's surface. We have the capabilities to assemble
SMT prototype PCBs in small production runs with manual and/or automated SMT production processes, including single- or 
double-sided component insertions. Our production facilities can assemble the following SMT types:

 Ball Grid Array (BGA)

 Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (uBGA)

 Quad Flat Pack No-Lead (QFN)

 Quad Flat Package (QFP)

 Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

 Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)

 Package-On-Package (PoP)

 Small Chip Packages (pitch of 0.2 mm)

SMT Assembly

Free PCB assembly quotation is just a click away. Click below button to enter our PCBa Price Calculator, fill out your custom PCBa spec, and rough PCB price will show up in the right column automatically (shipping price will be given on order confirmation page).
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