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PCB Gold fingers

Gold finger is the connector at the edge of boards,It is similar to fingers, so we calledgold finger, please see the following pictures


Gold finger is to protect the printed circuit board prototypes from wear and tear. Because gold finger parts will be plugged in and out frequently. There is some requirement for the gold finger

1.       The distance between gold finger and outline should be 1.0mm.

2.       The thickness of boards must be 1.0 or above

3.       The distance of gold finger parts must be at less 30mm.


4.       As for the beveling of gold finer, Now our factory can only do 30°beveling

To make PCB, PCBWay has the experience and clients are satisfied with our products. If you need, please go to homepage of Моментальный расчет стоимости menu to quote; please contact us for more information about PCB prototype.

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